Sunday, June 01, 2008

I have found one orchid species in Nandihills (Near Bangalore)
It is giving pink color flowers and in third and forth photo we can see some seeds
I couldnt find out the scientific name for this variety (Please help me in this)

Some Information about Nandihills : It is 60km from bangalore
Altitude :1490 MSL


  • At 9:41 AM , Blogger sylvanwind said...

    nice find Pradeep. Lovely flowers... It looks like they are Aerides, Aren't they?

  • At 10:16 AM , Blogger Pradeep said...

    Yeah,it looks similar to Aerides.
    I am trying to find out exact species name.

  • At 9:19 AM , Blogger sylvanwind said...

    me thinks its Aerides maculosum. How big are the flowers?

  • At 10:07 PM , Blogger Pradeep said...

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • At 8:47 AM , Blogger Pradeep said...

    It looks close to Aerides crispum.
    But still leaves looks different. The leaves of the actual orchid are very thick.

  • At 7:37 PM , Blogger Deepakkumar sivarajan said...

    That Looks Aerides Ringens (pink variant from western ghats)..

  • At 6:19 PM , Blogger Arun said...


    its Diplocentrum sp.


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